Calibration Equipment
In addition to our calibration services, Precision Metrology offers a number of brand-name tools and calibration equipment that can help you perform your own calibrating and measuring. We are a stocking distributor of many of these brands, brands like Precision Instruments, Starrett and Mitutoyo. The full list of tools that we carry at Precision Metrology is available online.
Our services don't stop just because we're providing you with your own calibration equipment. Precision Metrology will also help you implement your new tools and will help monitor your equipment. Full customer service, support and training is available on all of the calibration equipment and tools we provide, make sure that you can still receive the service from a company that has become one of the nation's calibration providers. Our product distribution services include:
  • Competitive pricing and one-stop shopping
  • Engraving
  • Equipment arrives calibrated
  • Automatic placement in your web-based monitoring system
  • And more!
About Precision Metrology
As you might have noticed by now, Precision Metrology employs a high range of different capabilities in order to help you with all of your calibration problems. Our services have pleased customers across the country, inspiring them to write testimonials about our services and supplies. If you'd like to learn more about Precision Metrology, we encourage you to contact us.

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