Contract Inspection
Precision Metrology is a leading force in the equipment calibration industry. One essential service we offer is contract inspection. This process is important to ensure that all of your equipment is in perfect working order and to maintain quality certifications. Some of our inspection capabilities include:
  • Complete capability studies & ISIR’s
  • Optical comparator & surface finish measurements
  • Graphic display of measured results
Quality of Service
From our facilities in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and Dade City, Florida, Precision Metrology provides a full line of CMM first article contract inspection services. This includes the inspection and certification of production tooling, gauges and fixtures. We have a wide variety of standards at our finger tips. This access means that we can perform part and fixture measurements of all accuracies, complexities and resolutions.

After we have completed the contract inspection, Precision Metrology provides a certificate for every part or fixture serviced. Your results also include the pass/fail criteria and analysis. For your convenience, we store calibration attributes and tolerances in our Labmate Data Management software to ensure you get an unrivalled level of service each time your equipment is inspected and calibrated. Contact our North and South branches to learn more about contract inspections services from Precision Metrology.

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  • Precision Metrology North: 7350 North Teutonia Avenue · Milwaukee, WI · 53209 · Phone: 414-351-7420 · Fax: 414-351-7429
    Precision Metrology South : 14435 Seventh Street · Dade City, FL · 33523 · Phone: 352-532-1900 · Fax: 352-532-2881