Data Management Software
Precision Metrology is a leading calibration laboratory. Part of why we're at the top of the industry is our ability to exceed client expectations. One aspect of this is keeping accurate, detailed records of each device and part, and their service history and schedules. We do this by using comprehensive data management software.

Our online data management system allows Precision Metrology to store calibration data, and lets clients access this information and keep track of when their equipment has been calibrated, when it is due to be calibrated again and a variety of other information. For Precision Metrology staff, calibration attributes and tolerances are permanently stored in our Labmate Data Management software for all subsequent calibrations. Using this software, clients are also able to:
  • View assets due for calibration
  • Print and view asset certificates
  • Create custom reports
  • Download an equipment list
To view a sample of our data management software, click on the link and enter "pmi" for both the username and password. If you have any questions or comments about our online data management, please email us or call 414.351.7420.

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