Dimensional Metrology
Precision Metrology is one of the nation's leading provider's of dimensional metrology services. This includes inspection, calibration and repair of several kinds of dimensional measuring equipment. This includes such devices as:
  • Microscopes
  • pH meters
  • Stop watches
  • Hardness testers
Calibration and Repair Services
Dimensional metrology is serious business at Precision Metrology. Every gauge is repaired to the original specifications whenever possible. Movements are inspected for wear and parts are replaced as required. In addition to a high quality of service, we also have a policy to not exceed half of the cost of new without customer authorization during repairs. In addition, we manufacture parts and resurface devices in-house whenever possible, ensuring that our customers get the best savings possible.

Customer Satisfaction
Precision Metrology has a long history of customer satisfaction. We have been providing dimensional metrology services for over 25 years in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and beyond. In 2004, we opened a second facility in Dade City, Florida. We are dedicated to maintaining a high standard of quality and service, and between our two branches, Precision Metrology provides quality dimensional metrology services across the country.

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  • Precision Metrology North: 7350 North Teutonia Avenue · Milwaukee, WI · 53209 · Phone: 414-351-7420 · Fax: 414-351-7429
    Precision Metrology South : 14435 Seventh Street · Dade City, FL · 33523 · Phone: 352-532-1900 · Fax: 352-532-2881