Temperature Calibration Services
The temperature calibration services you'll receive from Precision Metrology are among the nation's best, as we've worked with liquid-in-glass thermometers, thermocouples and even infrared thermometers. Overall, temperature calibration from Precision Metrology will help guarantee accuracy for your temperature readings, no matter what type of measuring equipment you might be using.

Our list of temperature device calibration capabilities has recently expanded with our addition of Hart temperature baths. These baths help us calibration temperature measuring equipment with great reliability and measurement certainty, as we can now perform temperature calibration from ranges of -30(C to 300(C. Our A2LA Scope of Accreditations can show you the entire range of our temperature calibratoin capabilities.

Temperature Calibration in Milwaukee and Dade City
Precision Metrology's recent addition of a laboratory in Dade City, FL, gives us a greater range of temperature calibration capabilities. You can check the temperature equipment services we offer in both our North and South facilities to see what specific services we specialize in. Each facility is fully-equipped along with an experienced staff that will help you with your own needs.

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Precision Metrology North: 7350 North Teutonia Avenue · Milwaukee, WI · 53209 · Phone: 414-351-7420 · Fax: 414-351-7429
Precision Metrology South : 14435 Seventh Street · Dade City, FL · 33523 · Phone: 352-532-1900 · Fax: 352-532-2881