Tool Calibration
Tool calibration services from Precision Metrology are among the best in the world. We have gained ISO 9001:200 Accreditation and have hade hundreds of our services and instruments A2LA Accredited. This means that every time you order a tool calibration service, or even your own tool or instrument, you will receive expert-quality service.

Our calibration services range from CMM calibration to contract inspection and sand testing equipment. Each service we provide is professionaly accredited and features some of the field's best inspection personnel. Our Field Services mean that we can get a professional to you in the southeastern Wisconsin and Chicago areas while our expansion into Dade City provides our services to the southeast.

Calibration Services
You can view an overview of our capabilities to get a good idea of the services we provide - it will also give you a feel for how Precision Metrology implements our calibration services and distributes our tools. For more information, you can contact a member of our staff or see which tools we offer.

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